...and now we wait

The turkey has been carved. The pie devoured. The little blops of cranberry, moved about the plate. "The Game" continues. And now, we wait. The minutes tick by until tomorrow emerges and we have coupons and cards to redeeem and spend on the wildest day of the shopping year. I am giving thanks in my small way that much of my shopping is done, wrapped and delivered. There is a bit more, but nothing a trip through Amazon might deliver without the blood, sweat and tears that the trip to the mall delivers with far less hassle and far more pleasure than the random shopping spree accomplishes. Imagine. Another Christmas is in evolution. Seemed a bit more possible with the grains of hale clinging to the windows and trim of the car this evening.

I plugged away on the Syracuse presentation which is lookiing quite polished and as I have a bit more time, I can expand a bit without much sweat. R. tuned me into some museum "tricks" with lap dissolve etc. that helps build an idea simply and effectively. Will manifest it here. Its a bit late. Need to put my head down.

Tomorrow, Chihuly at the Phipps. Hopefully a visit with Uncle Andy (Warhol) too.

good night!