No legs?

Finalized with Lulu. Definitely have some questions regarding bleed and formatting--as I am submitting files with all pictures, crossovers, bleeds...all the things that nice book folks flee from. Need to contact them today to get some clarity before the second tome begins. Have a mess of new images in the canson book--more realistic skulls (a bit more going on than the abbreviated, tombstone inspired skulls). Funny thing--I was talking to R. about the "legs" that this project might projecting in my typical positive (not!) manner, proclaiming where in the world would this stuff land? And low and behold, I got an email from a former client who may need some decoration/illustration for some products that may go to the funerary industry. I asked if he knew about my new entertainment and illustration subject...and he didn't. A co-inky-dink (as K sez!). Funny when you don't think something has any place, it does?!

Beautiful and warm here. Poor Shady Grove is at the vets all day--as she is in the surgical line-up to get her cast changed. What a look she gave me prior to being sadly led away by the vet. Nearly broke my heart.We should see her around 3 this afternoon.

Tomorrow is a day off for the kinder...a tag into the Columbus day weekend. Hopefully, it will be quiet. Going down to Cornell for a meeting first thing. Friends from out of state dropping by on Sunday with their teens in hand. We haven't seen these guys since our kids were in training shoes. And now, we all have kids with adult teeth, adult shoes and hormones. Need to think about the quantities of food that will be needed.

May have some work with Steuben--I think illustration stuff. Will be having a casual meeting with them today.

More later>>