day before the candy

I wanted to show you one of the Vermont stones...very feminine and florid. Look at this square jawed preacher. So proud with the set of his mouth, the vacant eyes, the square jaw and the funny hairdo (maybe you can't see) that consists of a band around his head with two little bumps on either side (in the vicinity of the eyes) that I think is either a wig or a colonial do. And those wings? Wow.

Did 8 death heads inked in circles yesterday. Going to keep rolling with that and see where it goes. When I am in the automatic writing mode...things can get interesting. Need to keep an eye on reference or things go off the rails. I was thinking of skeletons masked or in clothes. Funny thing, the more I think about adding that type of detail it either becomes halloweeny or day of the dead-ish...and off my focus of remembering one's death/or one's mortality. Adding clothes and masks make the topic go silly.

Lots to do today with driving in between. Holidays with the new client. Tee shirts and brands for the Museum. Posters and newsletters for the big client. We are busy...and with the add of Halloween, the wheels are rolling.

More later>>