Back to the world of self promotion:

New ideas. Buttons from have a 1.25" black and white button (qty 100) for $20. in color $22.
That seems doable.
Easy way to get the work out.

Another, the These are California guys that print just black and white or black and red stickers on vinyl. This must be the type of shop that the board and surf guys go to. My desire is to do a 3.5" die cut circle sticker in black and white which costs $61.for 250 pieces. Only downside is that it takes between 2-8 weeks to get them. if you order in "bulk"more than 1000 pieces) it can go faster. The cheapest is a business card sized sticker for $20. Hello Memento Mori stickers. Put them on your dumpster, put them on your bumper, put them on your coffin? I think these guys are going to get my job...and I will hope they are good. However, how great is the risk?