Christmas Chicken

I have this sneaking feeling that things might begin to blow out around Christmas. There were a lot of people looking and not buying during the Art Trail where $50. seemed to pinch a little. But hey, around Christmas, when you are stuck and a $50 present is not out of the ordinary, calling that lady in Rongovia seems like the right thing to do. The vibe is pointing there. And, with a bunch of work going to Corning for their Christmas Show/Sale--I may want to double up on some of the images and keep it in the back room for the"do you haves". I will really need to remember to sign the work (not important to me, I guess) as I have had to disembowel 3 images sold on the art trail to sign it ...and seal it up again and deliver. Big URG.

As I had said in Art Trail Recap--more chickens, more water birds, more stuff people know. Dogs are breed specific (to that, a blonde lab, a chocolate lab and a black lab are in order...but not now). Cows, pigs and horses are probably better options. With this in mind...a new chicken is amongst the dead on the drawing board just to slowly begin to move the needle. The Birds of Rongovia is open again...with the progress posted to see how this picture develops.

The Seminar talk at SU is starting to gel. Instead of soup to nuts in 40 minutes, I am going to show a brief overview of design work (exhibiting competency and experience) and spend the bulk of the time on illustration (electronic) and the commercial outflows (with a quickie overview with screen shots of how I do the vector thing as the students have some grasp of photoshop...and little to none of illustrator). Then, talk about the impulse and personal aspect of the Memento Mori project, the plans and manifestation and the immediate market use of some of these personal and impulsive images. End up with the idea that you can do your own thing, do it well, get it "out there", stay open when things come your way and see where things take you. Planning only gets you started. You cannot plan the end (just like death!)> You can only plan for now and stay relaxed intellectually> but put brawn behind all of the aspects of work, thought, connecting.

I think this sketch may point out, I am almost there.

Your thinking?