Ten minutes to Art Trail

The massive sculptural banana bread has been baked and cut. The postcards collated and packaged. The Art Trail Mix stirred and packaged. Around 12 new pieces framed (man, does a frame make the difference or what?). Have sold around 8 of the Memento Mori books. Last evening, one of the buyers of the said book came by to pick it up...delighted! He is wanting to buy the whole set. Imagine. Old girl neurosis turning a profit. Or is it a prophet? More books in the future?

I decided to layout more sketchbooks as they captured the imagination of the group. I just hope no one walks with them. I am missing one...and hope it is under a pile and not under someone's coat. There are more sketches in me, it was just that that book was a good one.

A. is off running across the country. R. is back from LA with new business suits and a new slant on how they are doing things at CMoG (not too bad)..

gotta go... I hear people.