Sat Art Trail quick review

It was great yesterday. The house looked good and the work good too. We had a steady stream of people who came, looked and wanted to talk about all and everything on the walls and tables. Great response to the birds and dogs. Memento Mori has it's fans with at least 3 people who want the first book when it comes out. Cards sold and smaller/less expensive giclees. Lots of interest. Couple of people want me to do portraits of their dogs. The really nice thing is there were a lot of very smart, articulate and people who are from "our tribe". So, there even may be some new best friends in the group. I almost wanted to have a church supper style chafing dish lasagne party for all of them as there was that type of linger longer crowd.

They ate all the candy and brownies. More candy in order today. Price point is KEY. The big pictures for under $200. seems too high for this crowd. Interesting.