lots of excitement

Lots of PR. Radio, the Ticket section of the newspaper, posters, brochures, postcards, emailers. Ithaca Art Trail this weekend and next. We have framed stuff, giclees, cards, collections of postcards,and next weekend we will have Memento Mori Vol.1 book as well. I have candy and will have cider and apples. I am pretty nervous. Nervous to almost being frozen. I have no expectations and lots of nerves. I have a brand new tax number, too. (and an accounting strategy as well). There is a show running parallel at the Second Story Gallery on Main Street. Wonderful Alice Gant has her cute house overflowing with pots of color and lush flowers. Her work is wonderful and worth seeing when you are here in Tburg. You can spend the night at Rose and Roman's Gothic Eves if you are coming in from out of town. And there are snacks, drinks and light dinners at the Pourhouse after the trail. And, if you are famished and looking for a more elegant dinner, there is Hazelnut Kitchen. Deborah Jones is showing her work in Perry City on the way to going to Duran Van Doren's forge. Gunther Keil, toymaker is just around the corner makes well designed wooden toys that double as beautiful tabletop sculpture. Plenty to do and see, good things to eat, and hear...so visit Tburg this weekend and next to get a bit of local art. Worth the trip.

Am putting together a sampler book for Lulu with different fonts, different color, vector illustration, photography and imagery to see how this whole thing fleshes out in color at 8.5" x 11". They do have an interesting size, I think they call it Coronet--that I may start working in. Its a bit wider and deeper...than the 6" x 9" which feels very tight when you begin to understand the live area, the bleed and all the do nots that are offered up in the technical notes on the Lulu site.

It is a dark, humid and cold day. Am trying to make headway with all my projects...two steps forward, one and a half back.
You get the idea.