The beginning of a cold January week! The picture above is from my sketchbook. They are little heads that could be manufactured and collected--stackable...make your own totem poles etc. Am working on this idea for a client, might be too out there, but you never get from here to there without a few left field tries. Saw the movie, The Queen, this weekend. Beautifully made, nice costume drama qualities with wonderful shots of the scottish highlands--woven together with acting that made me feel for the Queen, Tony Blair and Prince Charles. Well worth the eight bucks.

Light in Winter this weekend.

Another burka lady almost done. If I keep clocking them down, I may have 10 or so to take with me to London to show to John. I am going to shift gears a little with technique--doing some stark black and white and grey with a shot of color or some tone on tone color ones (inspired by Shepard Fairey's color use--see below). Also would like to try the rice technique on an image take that look a little further and see if it is applicable. So, there is work to do! Later.