Topsy Turvy

The damned world is upside down. I am reeling from all the blather and noise coming out of Washington, the talking heads and all else. Plus, here on the plateau, there has been great unrest, unhappiness and derisive behavior around the siting and planning of a proposed skateboard park. With all of this twisting and swirling, I have been diving into my sketchbook and more burka pictures. The pictures posted surround my new interest in line/and this funny rice shape that evolves in a two color layout. You will see more...but I am fascinated with the rice shape, the shadows and the tiger teeth shapes to see what happens. So, I share this with you.

Plus, let me extol the beauty of the magnificent moleskine. I have been using these notebooks for a while now, but now I am socking ink, paint,etc. to the pages--and running them backed up/ spread by spread...and the paper really takes it--except for the wicked thick sharpie which bleeds through. The stock is a little slick--which with a thin pen, a rapidiograph works wonderfully--but prismacolor and colored pencils in general, don't lay down as nicely as a notebook with tooth (Monteval, field notebooks for example). I have posted a link to the left if you want to look at the Moleskine books. They have large (not large at all), and regular (about the size of a 3"x 5" card. They have plain, ruled, grid--and now watercolor paper. Lots of choices. Take a look.