from Barbara Mink, Queen of Light in Winter

"Only 11 days left until the 2007 Light in Winter Festival takes center stage here in Ithaca! This year our theme is "connections": between us and the world we live in; music and art; our senses and our minds; insects and dinosaurs; the smallest particles of matter and sound and the world we actually see and hear.

Carl Sagan once said: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." That somewhere is Ithaca, this January 26th through the 28th. You cancheck our website at for the Festival program, plus special deals on tickets and hotels. And throughout the weekend, check ourblog for real-time updates of all the events:

We hope to see you at the Festival!

Light in Winter is your world... illuminated!"

Worth the money. We did it last year and it was interesting, educational and got the grey matter spinning. Plus, we had fun! If you are in the Ithaca area, plan on doing the full weekend of it!