Sources of Inspiration: Part Three

I have been getting waaaaaay too excited about the Redondo Beach Gallery and ARCADE and need to let it rest for a day or I can share this lovely with you. I love picture menus. The ones from Big Boy, from take out chinese restaurants or those kooky chinese-cuban restaurants. In LA, the quicky Mexican or Chinese restaurants that have windows off the street often have the same thing happening in a much more frenetic way than the modified, smaller versions in the printed picture menus. What happens is that the menu becomes the facade of the building--as it does in this instance from Venice Beach. I love the color, the imagery, the nutty, whimsical grid and the exciting (and could be percieved as confusing) messaging going on. Throw in three dimensional things like fruit and drink bottles and this institution starts rocking. Mexican inspired palette. I am trying to think of how this has been manifested in the art world and have hit the shoals of nothingness. Do any of you?