Eagle on boards. Working out how many feathers, how simple the feathers, what we can get rid of--then going to bind the bird up. Got a couple more in the head. Had to take a break from the business plan, but today--day of days-- I am going to wrap that mutha up. Done-zo. Done! Then I can start working on the other tortured papers so I can get back to pictures faster.

School was not the roaring, exciting day back that the crew had planned on. No one fell in love at first sight with Kitty...and no one told Alex he was cool. But, they like their teachers, lunch was good (but need more to eat, please), and maybe they will sign up for some sports and drama stuff (albeit, we have plenty of drama!). Lots of talk at dinner about how we must behave as the rules have gotten stricter. Lots of shock with the inmates on that one.

The business of a small business is giving me a little ache these days. Hopefully, we can get thinking about ways to make it all work... and we can move forward. I just need a little help. Who can I call......lemme think!