Study Hall Day

Made some soup this morning. It is terribly grey and rainy...promises to be this way for two days. I have a quiet stretch of time to snuggle down with coffee and all of my friends on podcasts to entertain me--to work on more holiday stuff, packaging for medical tests and take a break with the birds...either a paper or another go round with eagles. I think there is quite a body of work with just eagles. Matter of fact, I think that there are a bunch of bodies of work that will jump off of this main one for the thesis. I was wandering through the land of pictures and found a bunch of pretty hysterical pictures of ostriches...Man. Are they wierd and great. Big pink beaks, and magenta purple eyelids...with a real Sesame Street wackiness. Need to find a reason to do one or ten. Need to find out what they "mean". Later.