If it's good enough for Rockwell, it's good enough for me!

Heat has broken. Nice high blue skies. Lower humidity. Ah! Finished with Chris Payne today. Nice critique...no big surprises but his stressing the process of sketching, researching, developing the drawing, color studies and finalization as template building was salient and to the point. He started there. He finished there. Stick to the basics and always have your reference at hand. Rockwell in the triple self portrait did. If it's good enough for Rockwell, it should be good enough for us. He also recommended we keep art inspiration nearby (even on the ground which sounds consistent with my mode of work)--for their design, palettes etc. Onward. We will need to do a picture about opposites. I will talk about that later.

Finalized with the Business course. Have a take home test with a business plan due by the end of September. Should be fun?!
A full day of computer illustration tomorrow.

Another poke at ole Poe.