Love 'em

Rob and I were talking about some interesting opportunities we have with a client to do some speculative design for a series of objects, objects with engravings and the idea of giraffes surfaced(they want african themed animals for one instance). Did a little looking about on Wiki, Shutterstock and the general google images and got a nice handful of reference. Also am looking into (urg) angels (the funny thing I have found on angels is that they are beautifully portrayed by my faves in the Sienese School and also by the Victorian (in cemetary monunments) and the Mormons (with the big and fabulous Angel Moroni). All other angels are either new age-y, manga or otherwise pretty trashy. The struggle begins....trashy but they sell...trashy but it pays. Dilemna surfaces. Also looking into nautical knots, elves, and the ever favorite Partridge in the damn pear tree. If you wiki Partridge, can you guess what comes up first....? You guessed it. The Partridge Family...who in my book really is better left unspoken about.

We were at the Pourhouse listening to Jim Reidy and his pals (UpSouth) play--and while Rob visited all sorts of people, your friend, the pill sat and drew this. I had a wonderful time. I hope Rob did.