a mini sidebar

no. not a sidecar. a sidebar. I have a new electronic toy...I am now on theispot.com. This took a lot of intellectual thising and thating to rationalize why I want to be there--but now I am. Visit me...and let me know if the work stands up. You can click on it in the column to the right. I think this needs work, but its a beginning...and as beginnings--I am not ashamed. Actually, the interesting thing about this ispot exercise, is that it has forced me to look at my mini "body of work" and see what works and doesn't. Where there are holes and where there is weakness. I must say that a year ago today--I was a dumb graphic designer depressed with the state of design. Now, I am a little less dumb graphic designer thinking that the world might hold some wonderful and unexpected opportunities and surprises. I guess the journey is working!