I love this stuff!

I grew up in Pittsburgh--and didn't know such wonderful art existed until I visited and then moved to Upstate New York. All the ice cream companies create these wonderful signs--generally screenprinted on diecut metal of ice cream cones. They are generally pretty graphic, with each iteration of the idea of soft or hard ice cream coming out different depending on the age of the sign or the maker of the ice cream. Most people think of a dark brown, almost eggplant brown package with condensed letters in the most subtle silver--H E R S H E Y--but I flash to ruffly pink ice cream topping a pointy cone made of rust, brown and cream with a glorious blue rectangle saying the same thing. As we drive by these beacons of frosty deliciousness...I try not to wreck the car trying to study the picture. I have wanted to do a small picture...and this is the beginning. Do you like what crazy Gary Baseman does with ice cream cones? I do!