The Sultan's Elephant

I was surfing around on the web and went to the sketch crawl site (to the right) and then went to Ronnie Del Carmen site. He posted a bit on the Sultan's Elephant and away I went to learn more. The Sultan's Elephant is a presentation on a grand scale that was recently (early May) given over the course of two days in London...and it is travelling to Antwerp, Belgium in early July. It was presented by Artichoke, a company that believes art should be on the collaboration with the french acting and production company, Royal de Luxe...(brilliant street theatre group!). The story is essentially one of a little girl that comes to earth in a spaceship and intereacts with an elephant and actors--all on a huge scale. The pictures tell the story. Flickr has some unbelievable images. The music is available on itunes (UK) and def worth hearing. I tell you, it is worth thinking about collecting all the dresser change you have to go see this in July. Inspiring that cool stuff like this happens because it can. Forget funding wars. Fund joy.