Up this morning at 3:30 to get Princess Kitty to the bus for a wonderful, museum packed 3 days, 2 nights in Washington, D.C. Yipes! Very exciting.The school did a wonderful job of organizing, planning and getting all the kids in one place, focused all going in the same direction. A. did a good job with baseball (no rainout)--hit a few, caught a few, had a brush with a ball and is the hero of the day with the younger set. They hang on every word he utters. Did a few drawings yesterday. Need to jump on the SF bandwagon a little later this week. Ordered a slew of bulbs from Van Engelen this morning. Hundreds! Scented narcissis, some littler allium, a zillion daffodils, amaryllis (to give away @ Christmas)--red and white striped, and the same with paperwhites. YAY! Its so terrific to order them now as the buzz around having a kabillion bulb (many of them dying away) is still alive, which any later might fade with all the richness summer gives us. Gonna check out Mr. Klehm and his gorgeous peonies to shop for that too! Check 'em out!