no rain!

Another sunny day in the Republic. Bought some coral bells and hosta yesterday at that reviled discount place--and a gardenia and a fab (Mother's day present to me from ME) pale, blue purple, semi baroque looking clematis. Now, time to get em in.

The new illustration client has other desires--so I think I will generate a bunch of sketches in anticipation of a July need. Animals. Any and all...preferably symbolic or illustrative. So, as soon as our little chat finishes, I am off to be a good google monkey--to look for pix and fables. They like the online monkeys...which are not the friendliest. And they like the line work...(So I bought my new tool of choice, the precision Precise V5 from Pilot, with the "needle point"--and am ready to go). They even liked the maybe some sketches in paint(!). For those of you who care, the Precise V5 will take water...and do a little watercolor thing too.