I've been elusive about a fun project I have been doing with my brother, Tombo and his friend, Jonathan. We have been working on an entire look and feel for a start-up company, FreeRange,committed to bringing the premium wine in Bag in Box (BIB) format.Tombo and Jonathan will travel the world to bring a superior wine for the best price in a package that will keep the last glass as good as the first (which is what the BIB format can do). They are working with a big winery in France who is able to source wines from all over the world and is very interested in developing wines that will work with the US palette.

It has been a wild, quick ride--but we have a beautiful spectrum of wine that looks as good as it tastes. The boys rolled out the wine in Las Vegas to lots of interested it is looking a lot closer to reality time. They love the offering, the look and graphics and the high quality wine. We are rolling! More as we go.