Toxostoma redivivum: California Thrasher

A species endemic to the coastal and foothills regions of California, this bird suffers from habitat loss and fragmentation, and to a smaller extent, pesticide poisoning. Its ubiquitous singing and foraging antics have endeared it to nature lovers.

The California Thrasher is a striking songbird with a thick, long, decurved bill; dark iris; and dark eye-line. The 12-inch long bird has orange undertail coverts and buffy underparts. Sexes are alike.

The thrasher eats beetles, spiders, and other bugs year-round, and feasts on fruits when available. This ground-feeding bird will run for cover with its long tail raised.

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Don't we all run for cover with our long tails raised? I do! Its a real attention grabber here in the hamlet of Rongovia.