Another day in paradise

I love dogs...and the way they can express things that one might be reluctant to have another creature express.Brilliant day today. Saw a big fat ole turkey girl traisping in front of a bank of forsythia at the lake. Those turkeys are such ninnies...not graceful walking or when necessary, flying. Brilliant day.Going to be a bluesky week. Turkey vultures still doing their thing.

New Juxtapose is great. Was reading all the ads (my favorite) and came across the most wonderful inspiration. To backtrack a little, we saw the movie, Walk the Line, and though the movie was good...the poster was a homerun. I was jealous of the artist who illustrated itbecause it was totally dead on...Flat planes of color, could be a woodcut--really descriptive lines, powerfully simple stuff. I thought it might be the Hatch Press people (they are based in Tennesee and do some beautiful, limited edition work)...but it turns out its my new favorite guy, Shepard Fairey. Wow. And, Walk the Line was nothing compared to the body of his work (particularly the posters). See for yourself here. He rocks!