IF: Mask

I am learning about Islamic women and the concept of hajib. Wikipedia says:

"Detailed scholarly attention has been focused on prescribing female dress. Most scholars agree that the basic requirements are that when in the presence of someone of the opposite sex (other than a close family member - mahram), a woman should cover her body, and walk and dress in a way which does not draw sexual attention to her. Some scholars go so far as to specify exactly which areas of the body must be covered. In many cases, this is everything save the face and hands but others require everything save the eyes to be covered."

"The burqa is the most extreme example of this belief: not even a woman's eyes are visible. Originating in Pakistan, it is more commonly associated with Afghanistan. Typically, a burqa is composed of many yards of light material pleated around a cap that fits over the top of the head. There is an embroidered openwork grille where the burqa passes over the eyes. Under the Taliban, the burqa was obligatory. Under the current government, it may or may not be worn."

It is more than a mask. The burka is a wall between that that is private and the public world. It is a decision a woman needs to make--to wear the burka or hajib or not...and a decision not lightly made. I respect those women and the hard choices they make--and hope to show that in my image.