Why does it always happen that some of the more miserable things to happen during the year always, and I mean always happen within 7 days of Christmas? I should just plan on being bludgeoned and steel myself for it. This year it is not entirely last minute work from clients, but the pile on of junk from the wine front, from the graduate studies front, and from the work front...ie clients. The axiom to never burn your bridges really holds true on the latter. A client,who represented well over half of my billable work at one time has come back-- wanting to work together. I am tres flattered, but given my life at the moment, the graduate work and the concept of "really nasty hard work" has given me the permission to reconsider work that 2 years ago would have been outrageous to not accept. Nice to know we move and change with the wearing down we get with time and adversity. Rumor has it that Syracuse will be stopping the ISDP program for illustration and graphic design after 2008 graduates. I am waiting for confirmation, but somehow am not surprised by this news...albeit, it is a small death, and I am mourning it none the less. I know it isn't my problem, but somehow 28 years of talent and success to die in such a pathetic, flophousie kind of way is even more tragic. As R. says, it doesnt matter where I got the degree, it is the kick to get the work done and finished beyond the sketchbook is what matters. But for me, the more is the sidebar meetings and talking that is the frantic extra education that you really pay for. But, there are other programs and programs that care and are changing for the needs of the current ISDP students. SU could care less.

wiping a tear away.