new favorite leftist sayings

On Al Franken's show, they have been anticipating the holiday parties and the brands that the proverbial "dumb brother-in-laws" and what they will be labelled as this season. They are either "Defeatocrats" or equally as fine, "Surrender Monkeys". Aren't these jewels? Wiki, once again, points to the reference as "cheese eating surrender monkeys".I love all the hostile name calling, albeit the state of the world is less than satisfactory.

Working (as you see) on burka ladies. Going to simplify and redo the face of the Bedouin lady this week...but up against it with work,holiday spew and work, and the end of the year understanding of the business and school events etc. My head is ready to spin off my body. Plus, we leave on the 21st to go to LA for an art filled week dictated by Juxatpoz and the Corning Museum of Glass. So the pressure is on.

No Christmas baking this year. No Christmas dog bones this year. No fancy nothing. I did make a wreath out of pine and box hedge which turned out very nicely. Ho Ho No!