Bah! T.V.!

Racing to get a bunch of stuff done before next week's entertainment in NYC. Had a nice chat with fellow classmate, Mr. Williams and tried to get some planning together about things we would like to do. Need to pull up Juxtapose and see what galleries are advertising there...and where the shows are for a little low brow tour with Richard and his brother Chris.

Watched television last night and came to the conclusion I always do when I watch t.v. Unless, its something you know you want to watch, forget it. I got sucked into some really awful show about 2 or 3 women who "couldn't function" unless they got plastic surgery so they could be even more like barbie dolls than they were. They weren't hideously stupid...but certainly, no top of the class. And the plastic surgeons were waaaaaay into how fabulous they were. It really is shocking that this is something there must be a demand for, and an appetite for this sort of programming. We, Americans, must be the stupidest people on earth to feed into and support this sort of crap. The only thing I could glean from this show is 1. plastic surgery isn't simple and you can die; 2. Feed your brain profitably during your down time....forget regular t.v. because between this crap and QVC--there isnt much to learn and it promotes the idiotic mall culture that seems to be pervasive;3. the purpose of all of this money being spent on beauty was so these women would look good in bikinis--amazing juxtaposition with the state of health care in the US. Do you think a great reality show might include a family with no health insurance trying to get help for a sick with asthma, say?

The sketch above is just me messing around with drawing images and tinting them in photoshop--fooling around with filters such as difference, luminosity, linear light. Always something interesting to learn. Too bad there are filters like transmigration, illiteration, morphic luminary.