Back to the Grind

Some votes still out. But hey, it sounds like we got what we asked for. Now the real work begins--hopefully with the new team acting more like grown-ups. I am, however, fearful, that all the rhetoric around "cleaning up Washington" sounds a bit like the former team. It would be good if we could all act sensibly and think without the jargon and partisan crap that the Republicans excell at. To toast the day, we all had a simple dinner at the Pourhouse regaled by the Sound of State (about 10 folks all playing brass instruments with a drum and base). They played a range of stuff from John Philip Sousa to Stevie Wonder (tres brass section in the HS band)--Hilarious.

We ran into our friend, the trumpet player and his daughter we affectionately call Bongo. Our friend loves his trumpet. He has a pocket trumpet and carries it everywhere (only exception I can imagine is in the courtroom)--playing it when driving the car--nosing his way into other bands and playing solos. He is terrific. His daughter, Bongo, is in third grade. She is an original. Straight brown hair, and a distinct gap in her top teeth, she (like her dad) carries her drum with her and when the old man is nosing his way into a band, she is right behind often, you will see Bongo hard at work with any number of known local bands. She plays ice hockey, soccer and baseball--but her love is music (and her new dog, Curly). I can't wait to see how she grows up. Should be fun.

Am churning through a bunch of new surprise things all due Friday. Next week is in NYC with Syracuse. Have printed out a mini portfolio and am pleased and surprised with the results. Am working on my valentines idea. Sketches to come.