"I wrap my arms around the sun."

Lyrics from Sim Redmond Band, Ithaca, NY>

Date with my hubby at the Rongo (the Rongovian Embassy to the United States)to hear Mary Lorson lead off for Sim Redmond's leavetaking concert. Sim and group are off to Japan. What an event! Mary Lorson was beautiful, bittersweet and gave us some new interpretations of her music. She was poetic and should be taken to the next level as she kicks the pants off of her peers--and deserves a wider exposure.

"Dark and enchanting, Lorson’s voice lingers in the room like the scent of a candle which has been blown out."
-The New Yorker

"Lorson sounds like an angel tussling with avowedly mortal concerns."
-Stevie Chick, The Times of London

Sim Redmond was unbelievable. Tight. New keyboardist and singer brings a hard polish to the already terrific Sim sound. Jorden Aceto is truly amazing--embroidering each song on his guitar that was original and new every time. He is a real star...They all make it seem so easy. Plus, a little hometown pride--they are our stars.

"Clearly stepping out of the acoustic folk tradition, Redmond posesses strength as a composer, with catchy hooks and phrases that linger long after the song is over. Think early Dylan, think Robbie Robertson, JJ Cale, Dave Van Ronk, Van Morisson, and one can even hear a tint of some muse called up by James Taylor from time to time."
- Gene Ira Katz, Ithaca Times, Ithaca NY

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