I love new words. Words that have happened since I "grew up" and graduated from college. I have many words that fit into that category--some I love/hate more than others...but multi-tasking is a word that works, communicates a behavior and has a tech-ie feel that works for the Info age generation. Love this goddess, Ushnishavijaya,--the eight-armed Indian goddess --one of three deities associated with longevity and the fulfillment of earthly desires. And, I might add, the poster child for multi-tasking. I wish she worked for me--She could answer the phone, brew a good cup of gimme, have a good grasp of microsoft word, Quick books--no problem...etc. Eight arms, eight tasks--and she looks good. I have a hard time brushing my hair let alone smearing on the lipstick and adjusting the headpiece. Wow. Truly, I love this Indian art. My new Taschen books are in the place of honor, top of the pile on top of the pile on top of the pile...on top of my desk. I can't look at them while I talk to my clients or I lose track of what I am saying and act silly...kind of like having my clients talk to a block of cheese.