early day tomorrow

Starting early so may not get anything your way until late...if all. Hectic here with the major client being offsite...and the design requirements ramped up to crazy levels (Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun during Tgiving with focused blocks of time for an emergency and unplanned project). You get the idea. Am up to the Baker to art direct a photograph of a horse...probably much easier than any chairman or significant executive that I normally need to entertain to get a good shot. Checked out Alibris to identify Yuko books at a good price (the Heller book can be obtained around $5. a pop--not bad).
Also found out that the Dr Martins Ph Star Matte Black is available directly --which should work as my yammering on with my pal at Steuben created some interest in this ink for the engraver's work. As an aside, I am gloating just a weensie bit as I got all but 1 present wrapped and mailed out parcel post (as nah nah, I have time!) to all the family we give presents to.

Take a look at the Ofoto/ Kodak Gallery site. There are some cool multipanel,according fold customizable cards (read illustration promotions)(check it out--as many as ten images>>) that they can do for less than $3. a piece...so one can target the selection etc. depending on the Art Director etc. you want to talk to. Check it out. Beautiful pre-designed layouts by "Martha Stewart" which really work especially as it is geared very mainstream--so not offensive to anyone--and its customizable (ie white type on a black field or vice versa). Schmarties at Kodak!! You go.

Pix are out-takes from my miserable snapshots taken while the real photographer did a wonderful job of giving us an image we can really use. I don't know whether he got he laughing horse shot at the top. Thought you might enjoy the snapshots.