another "remember" from Y.S.

Yuko mentioned palettes. Here is a cool thing to think about. She picks an image or a style of imagery and makes up a palette that may or may not relate directly to the image she is creating--but the twist is say, "an indian palette" from a page in the Taschen Indian Bazaar book etc...combined with a layout inspired by Heros and Gods. So, say...take a Holbein palette and apply it to a layout inspired by Paul Klee....or take a palette inspired by the posters of Wes Wilson (Filmore West) and apply it to a poster inspired by Cassandre. You got the idea. Nice way to create a little twist and learn something in the meanwhile.

Went to the Johnson Museum and saw some cool stuff (for tomorrow). Also partook of a Big Red v. Wayne State ice hockey game. The Pep band was amazing...even more so than the hockey...and that wasn't too shabby either. Cornell has such heart!

More tomorrow. My eyes are closing.