Illustration Friday

Penelope Dullaghan is the creator of this good idea. Each Friday, a topic is posted and the IF community posts their answer to the topic--with lots of talk between the participants. I think this is a brilliant idea as it puts a little pressure on illustrators to produce and think even when there isn't a client. Plus, generating the Web 2.0 community of illustrators and people interested in pictures is a definite add with many of us solo in the studio with the need to reach out. Penelope also has a fun halloween show, Black and Orangethat encourages artists to post images in black and orange to her Black and Orange site. She even has judges! Nigel(my high school pal who is doing a little independent study with me...poor soul!) and I are going to submit to this show as part of our project. Should be fun. I may try to get on board with Illustration friday to drive more pictures and thinking.

Frost warnings for this morning.