Field Trip!

Thanks to the Tiny Showcase--for sending us on this wonderful field (and stream) trip. They highlighted this site by saying:

"The Scandinavian Fishing Year Book wall charts and mini wall charts. Greatest Holiday gift idea I've ever given you? Without a doubt! The Guardian has been including free versions of the charts in their weekend editions but they haven't been available in the U.S."

Check it out>

This forced me out into the web for find these lovely illustrations of fish by Kumataro Ito He has contributed to the perfectly named "The Division of Fishes". Very pretty stuff. I really need to pursue the history of the fish prints in New York State....I have a spotty knowledge of this and will, should I unearth anything interesting, talk about it.

I agree with the perfect holiday gift idea.

Another gift is the fabulous finum/ aromatreu "fill your own" teabags...with the best earl grey tea from Harneys. It really is the best...very fragrant and delicious....makes the blogging go quicker!