Signal vs. Noise

This blog opens with this description:

This is Signal vs. Noise, a weblog by 37signals about entrepreneurship, design, experience, simplicity, constraints, pop culture, our products, products we like, and more. Established 1999 in Chicago.

This is a site worth digging into. It is filled with inspiration, good writing and cool technology that is perceivable even for the weakest of minds (speaking for myself). Even I get it. I particularly like the "inspiration is magical" discussion by Jason as he really frames up inspiration for me. It is a productivity multiplier.The other one that is pertainant these days is the Adscapes article for the newspaper advertising. I am a believer. We just did a funny shaped ad for the FreeRangers for the Boston Globe this Wednesday, and the long skinny shape (3" x 11.625") was tough to work in....but we feel will get noticed for the bold graphic treatment. I would like to advance the adscape idea to the FreeRangers as it might work with the product and it's profile.

Thought the holiday card was done and finalized. We are seconds from releasing to the printer--and we now have a new party weighing in with new requirements. Deep breath.

Chugging away on the paper on Birds. Am within eyeshot of done-ness, but am a bit like the deer in the headlights on the MLA stuff and sources. Will need to get serious with that. The picture above is Arthur Mackmurdo
Wren’s City Churches I talk a little about how feathers work and it migrates into a chat about feathers reflecting the spirit of Art Nouveau (flowing and sinuous lines) and being a strong theme in that work (Beardsley, Liberty of London, Louis Comfort Tiffany). Need to work on the same idea with wings/flight and weave in Icarus, Angels, Assyrian art...the like. Not poetry from this flat footed one.

Crystal cupcakes on the drawing table.