The phone rings, I pick it up. New project, 2 hour turn around. Okay. Push the other work aside, work for two hours, the next two hours and then amend for two hours. Get the pushed aside work, back in front, and try to get my head into it. Back into it. The phone rings, another new project, 2 hour turn around. Okay, Push the old work to the side, get this one done. And so on. That is how the last two days have gone. I think I have gotten the rushes off my plate and then can move forward. Then, its the changing thinking of some the original thought (which has been sketched and designed) is tossed for another take and they are not going to pay for two go rounds with the "creative brief" shifting like quicksand. Oy. Its work, its paying and I need to get with the program. Forgive my bleeting.

Am doing a lot of "quick"illustrations for the Museum and my New Jersey clients. It is taking some time working in ink, cleaning them up and translating them to vectors...which I am getting the hang of (thank you so much, are so right about it being a great way to work). I am working on a floral, a tree of life, an equinox image that with the conventions I am learning taking hold, and my new understanding of editing in photoshop is making things quite exciting.