A sad update on Artemio Rodriguez. I was googling him like mad--so see where we could see his work and it turns up that the press he ran, La Mano Press, has recently been closed down with their holiday sale this year kind of being the end of that five year run (and from what the site says, 14 yrs in LA). I found a listing of his work and prices at the Davison Galleries site along with this announcement which clearly articulates the situation for Rodriguez:

Dear friends, After five great years at La Mano Press we have decided to say goodbye to LA. For me it has been about 14 years of learning experiences, acomplishments, many good moments and many great friends. We, Silvia, myself and all the friends who have collaborated with us, have done all our best to try to promote the arts in our communities. I hope we have at least left some mark along our way. We can no longer afford the expense of having LA MANO PRESS open while we live and work in Mexico. I am already working on a nice project down there: EL HUERTO, a center for ecology and arts, a botanical garden with an adobe building dedicated to the arts. To see it: http://www.lamanopress.com/huerto.html This Saturday November 15, join us for the GRAFICOMOVIL party, a traveling mural, mobile cinema, gallery and print studio. link: http://www.lamanopress.com/grafico.htm After two years of alot of hard work, Oscar Duardo and myself, have transformed the old and rusty 1947 delivery truck into this great piece of art. Now we want to take it to the streets and hopefully travel across country with it. In this event we will be asking for your cooperation, to make this a reality. Almost forgot, we have designed and produced 2 new skate decks. In this event you will also get a chance to see them, as they are hot off the press. Our last event will be our christmas sale on Dec. 5,6,7. As usual many artists will be here to share their wonderful work. I hope to see you here so we can toast together for LA MANO PRESS’s past history and the hope of a great future for all of us. Invite friends. Saludos, Artemio Rodriguez

However, the upside is that his work can be found at Davidson Galleries in Seattle (along with a wealth of other printmakers) for further learning and review. I was shocked, however, that the Rodriguez true, tour de force, his piece, The Triumph of Death was selling (the boxed version) for $10,000. which was a mind blower considering the time, effort and extrordinary design of such a work. He also has prints that range around $100. So no one, once again, is getting rich from outstanding art or illustration. Maybe a few, but this quality of work and design is head and shoulders above so many works...and yet the market does not recognize it's true worth. Ah well, is that why we are doing this?