Waiting here with mini me and my distance glasses on...so trouble could definitely ensue. These early morning flights can work your nerves such that though the alarm is set for 4 a.m., I wake up at 2:30 and flip until four. There is a nice thing about having done this once or twice--I am consistent. Off for a round trip to see my clients in New Jersey which I hope will be fun and informative. ITs a good thing to check in though I dont do it as much as I should...and from a Rip Van Winkle standpoint, I need to get off my plateau and get out of my corner a bit. Going to central PA has been fun, informative and has given me a connection with a part of the world that is our neighbor that I haven't had any inkling of what it was all about. So, though I know New Jersey, this should be the same.