Leek Frieze, Q. Cassetti, 2011, vector, Adobe Illustrator CS5So, its raining, its pouring…and the old man is at a business meeting. Thunderboom!

Rumor has it that Alex has a tennis tourney today—I hope its inside at Cornell (!).

I sent a postcard to Bargain Basement Printing —5” x 7” cards, 500 quantity for $36. The postcard is to promote the 3x3 article coming up crediting the editor, Ursula Roma and Jason Koski’s hard and beautiful work. Gotta get the labels from Barb…so I can get going on this. Anyway, the cards came back in a week (fast!), color pretty true and ready to roll. Am delighted with this new resource and am thrilled that getting big cards for a little price is great. More mailings, I think…for this year!

More prep for t he meeting this week. Erich and I get on a plane tomorrow evening, the next day back later in t he evening and then back to the fire…as the rollout for employees is in a month, so more work is on tap to get this rolled out.

I am surrounded by sleeping pets. It makes me sleepy just looking at them…and there is no time for me to relax. More later.