Adieu for now Blogger


Today is a momentous day. Yes, its 2010 and the first day of it. But even better. Even better than the snow blanketing our streets. Even better than Shady Grove eating half the rolls I had rising in the kitchen. Even better than the promises and opportunities a new year presents. Well, all of this is better for me...and for you, you may have to change a bookmark or a pulldown.

Today, January 1, 2010 is the first day of a new decade, a first day for the Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts to move to more sumptuous quarters. After one thousand, seven hundred and sixty one posts thanks to the graciousness of the Google Nation, we have sucked all the content for the Academy and for the Traditional Rongovian Cuisine to a new place at Squarespace.

Squarespace gives me more flexibilty including a lovely gallery feature that gives me quick and easy posting of whats doing in the sketch book. Squarespace also gives me better data on who is visiting, who is downloading, who is looking and where. And, with all the mobility that Squarespace offers, this new home for The Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts can grow and develop and change while giving me more content management and a bit more flexibility without having to learn code. It would be right to praise Blogger it has been a reliable friend and advocate for many years .

Blogger or Blogspot is a tremendous tool. It has taught me the power of blogging, the power and pride I should take in my ramblings, and has taught me many lessons on content, audience, advertising and promotion and what I really need to have an effective online presence. Blogger was the absolute perfect place to start as it gave me an easy forum to post with no nonsense tools. I cannot recommend it enough to a person interested in content only. But, for those of us who have aesthetics as part of our DNA, Blogger can be happily plain--but for 1700 entries, plain is somehow not growing with us.

Nothing is forever--and Blogger is near and dear for new projects.

However, I would like to invite you to visit us now at our new address:

I look forward to continuing our journey together in 2010.