Another unexpected garland from Hartford. I have been granted a merit scholarship from the University of Hartford. How wonderful! Now the pressure is on...and what with my muddle and only sullies the mix. Man, I am nervous.

Post looking at the I Miller Warhols, I had a great idea for a book on color for littles...with spreads on each color--with these "scientific specimen case" type of pages that stack out all sorts of things that are either the color or bear the name of the color in the name of the thing. Maybe some little type things there is lots for the young reader or little person and their reader to read and discover. Could be cute.

K and I may do a little book on Mr Grumpy, our cranky boy cat...who always is guaranteed to get up on the wrong side of the kitty litter every single, solitary day. He always is swiping us, crankily telling us its time to eat. He does bow to the superior cat,(read dog) who he accompanies nightly on her walk, serving as the court of honor along with his bookmatched companion cat, Mei Mei. And, if we don't behave, he will poop in the tub to show us who is boss. I will write and layout. K is to be the illustrator. We casually write it when we comb the cats/superior cat....and scream with laughter. So, hello project, hello LULU.